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Original TitelStroop: Journey into the Rhino Horn War
Zutritt16 J
CastBonné de Bod
RegieSusan Scott
Produktion 2018 Afrique du Sud
VerleihGlobal Science Film Festival

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Two filmmakers explore the war for rhino horns. Initially setting out on a six-month project, the duo leave their jobs, sell their homes, move in with their mothers and give up nearly four years of their lives to document not just the rhinos but the various people connected to this iconic animal. In this roller-coaster ride between Africa and Asia, the two women embed themselves on the front-line of a species genocide where they are given exclusive access to the enforcement aspect of the fight. From rangers, pilots and K9 units patrolling the hardest hit national parks to elite police units raiding wildlife trafficking dens in major cities, they find themselves in some hair-raising situations.